A F.A.Q. about our Carbon Fiber and services

Q: What makes your stuff so nice?

A: We believe in giving our customers the very best we can. One way we do that is to use the very best materials. All of our textiles and resins are domestic. In fact, a good number of our products are from Michigan! There are less expensive materials available from over seas but we feel we get the best products right here in the USA.

Q: Let’s say I have someone else making my company’s parts now but I want the quality you guys provide…

A: Another service we offer is private labeling. We currently manufacture world class carbon fiber parts for many other companies. What does this mean? If you have an idea for a product we can run the production side for you while you go out and sell parts!

Q: Is it all cars and boats? I have a need for a …

A: Nope! We do so much more than just car stuff, in fact the aftermarket car segment is just a small part of our abilities. We design and manufacture things like drill fixtures, go/no go gauges, and even big display companies come to us for their projects. Think about this.. one of the most expensive parts of a display is shipping it around. You pay by the pound for shipping and then you pay for the crew to move it at a show… If it’s lighter it ends up saving you a ton (no pun intended.. ) of money. The other bonus is the wear and tear on the crew installing the display.

Q: I want to talk to someone about…

A: Feel free to contact us by email, phone, fax, snail mail, smoke signal… it may take us a minute to get back to you by smoke signal though.

Sankuer Composite Technologies, Inc is located at:

36850 Metro Court

Sterling Heights, Mi 48312

We are about 20 minutes north of downtown Detroit between I75 and I94 on MetroParkway.

Office- 586.264.1880    Fax- 586.264.4180

You can also email us at: Sales@sankuercompositetech.com and Patrick@Sankuercompositetech.com